Blogging Campaign Guidelines

Blogging Campaign Guidelines

  1. Blog must be updated at least once a week.
  2. Keep the traffic going.
  3. Blog must have visible and working link to ABR’s mandatory links.
  4. Content must be original and relevant.
  5. Rewards and benefits will only last as long as blog is kept up to the guidelines.
  6. Sample websites:
  7. Incentives:
    10% off machine cost as long as the blog is updated at least once a week.
    A winner will be picked for the best blog every 6 months, and that winner will be awarded with 3 months of free machine access.
  8. Winning Criteria:
    Other than maintaining the regular campaign guidelines, blog must be original, interesting, functional, and attract traffic.
  9. Some Pointers:
    For privacy matters, substitute real names with nicknames. Refer to for reference. Anonymous users can still fill in profile as your information will not be shown.
    Don’t talk about matters that you find too private as your blog is a public domain, people will stumble upon it and read it.
    Your content can be about ANYTHING. Tips, stories, anecdotes are all highly interesting topics. Do not feel limited.
    For those who are going to sign up for this blogging campaign, please submit your final blog domain to Rachel Lee at

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