The ABR Blogging Campaign is created to allow families within the ABR program to participate in discussion with each other, share stories, anecdotes, life lessons, and basically anything you may need to know! Plus, ABR gives you a little incentive 😉


Blogging is an easier way of sharing information with families, allowing each parent to keep up with the progress of other ABR families. Whether to give themselves reassurance, or just to see how other families are doing, it is an excellent way to give and receive relevant information without having to spend time searching the internet!


Don’t! Anything you put on your blog is up to YOU. If you find it too private to share to the general public, you can always privatize a post! But remember, anything you post on your blog is susceptible to being viewed by someone you may not know. If you don’t want just anyone to view it ( in other words, not make it searchable on a search engine), privacy settings can be adjusted :).


All families who sign up for a blog and register it with the ABR Social Media Coordinator will be awarded a 10% discount off of their monthly machine bill as long as they keep up with the Blogging Campaign Guidelines! For those who do not use the machine… that is still being worked out.

SO START BLOGGING! What do YOU have to lose? 🙂


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